Building Healthy Neighbourhoods, Together!

University-Rosedale has vibrant, cultural neighbourhoods and some of the best parks and public spaces in the city. We must invest in these integral aspects of our city’s identity and infrastructure to keep them welcoming, accessible, and safe. A sustainable future is the only acceptable path forward and I want to work to make this a reality for all residents of Toronto.

I truly believe that the best way forward to tackle the problems we face in University Rosedale and the city at large is to work on them together.

As your School Board Trustee, I am known as a consensus builder, working in a non-partisan way with other Trustees regardless of political leanings to get things done. I've also worked side by side with Councillor Layton, earning his endorsement, as well other elected representatives to ensure school, city, provincial and federal policies are equitable to ensure no one slips through the cracks. As a former small business owner, I bring an entrepreneurial spirit to the work I do, and am not afraid to start up something new.

I see opportunities to make our city more affordable, livable and further fight climate change, and that's why I'm running to be your next City Councillor for Ward 11.

I am familiar with fighting against a system that works to oppress, and take action to right historical wrongs. I know how to organize in support of shared causes and get action, and will continue this work at City Hall.

This year's municipal election is about growing stronger, working and succeeding together to build a better Toronto.

I hope I can count on your support, so we can work together to build a city that works better for everyone.

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